Helix Park is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. year-round (hours may vary monthly). Guidelines here.


The Stimulative Core of TMC

Where Innovation Meets Imagination

Helix Park unites top medical talent, cutting-edge research, and renowned academic institutions to fuel innovation. Like its name, the park provides an interconnected chain of inspiring green spaces overflowing with expressive music and art, culinary treats, and memorable events, fostering a shared spirit of discovery that travels throughout.

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Discover the Why Behind TMC & Helix Park

TMC is a beacon of discovery and innovation for medical and biomedical pioneers. With Helix Park, we’ve successfully merged state-of-the-art facilities with active programming and diverse entertainment to create the world’s most comprehensive life science ecosystem.

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Serving Houstonians, the medical community, and visitors from everywhere, Helix Park is a manifestation of TMC’s mission to further accelerate the pace of healing and continue to better millions of lives. Every step you take here is a new opportunity to explore where TMC is going and what we’ve already achieved.

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Every Day is a New Discovery

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